CAMP-WE-CAN Services

Camp Costs


$10 (Snacks included)


$40 (Meal included)


$40 (Meal included)


$40 (Meal included)

Please fill out a camper form and return it to our mailing address


We simply and postively cannot serve our campers without volunteers. We have been blessed by the service of more than 300 through the years and we are thankful for each and every one. These volunteers make it possible for us to offer our campers a 1:1 ratio, and in some cases even 2 counselors to 1 camper!


Individuals who volunteer to participate with CWC are asked for commitment. CWC depends on individuals to follow through with their obligation after volunteering.

They are required to attend an orientation prior to camp. A variety of useful information is shared, including:

  • Format of camp
  • Camp Standards
  • Expectations and accountability process
  • And, most importantly, the absolute necessity of no distractions while with campers!


We are beyond thankful for the generosity of our donors! CWC would not be capable of providing the wonderful experiences for campers year in and year out if not for the continued support of our donors.

CWC is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. All contributions are tax deductible. Anyone wishing to offer monetary support is welcome to do so; individuals, businesses, corporations, clubs, etc.

CWC is the perfect example of everyone, doing a little together, makes a lot. Collectively, we all make a difference and together we are all considered the CWC family!

A donor form can be printed and returned to our mailing address!