Parents and CAMP-WE-CAN

One of the things that sets CAMP-WE-CAN apart from other summer camps is the involvement of Parents/Caregivers. We strive to find the perfect balance of camper independence and meeting the needs of the camper/caregiver relationship.

While at camp, campers are paired with a counselor, or set of counselors, who are on a mission to make the camper the "King" or "Queen" for the day. Our campers quickly forget about their apprehensions of being away from their parent/caregiver. They are close by, being pampered, completing their own projects and networking with other parents/caregivers.

This arrangement has allowed us to offer the best of both worlds. The camper's personal needs can be met at a moment's notice by the person they are most comfortable with, their parent/caregiver, all while spreading their wings!

Our Preschool Camp offers a different arrangement, in which the parent/caregiver participates in the activities with their camper and counselor.

Parents are offered time to relax, network, and enjoy! Caregivers are invited to join in as we encourage those who support the campers to engage themselves in activities designed just for them!

Typically, at least one guest speaker will provide insightful information relevant to their situations. Additionally, a portion of the day is devoted to surprises just for them! Previous activities have included "make and take" items such as floral arrangements, patio planters, painting, and photo albums.

Parents/caregivers eat lunch with their camper. Swimming is always one of the highlights of the day and yes, parents/caregivers are allowed to participate, or sit by the pool to simply watch and marvel at the fun!

If any medication(s) need to be given, the camper will be brought to the parent/caregiver for this as well.